Why Are Non-Woven Bags Environmentally Sustainable?

Why Are Non-Woven Bags Environmentally Sustainable?

10 Nov, 2021


As we all know, the true sustainability of a product or a fabric resides in its recyclability and reusability. Just like canvas shopping bags or jute bags, non-woven carriers are reusable for very long periods. Polypropylene is recyclable, and so are non-woven polypropylene tote bags for shopping or drawstring bags for sports or leisure.

After years of use, you can throw away a broken, non-woven polypropylene office bag, for instance. As long it is collected and appropriately sorted, you can rest assured it will enter the recycling process and give life to a new item.

Non-woven bags for shopping come with plenty of eco-friendly advantages that are not available to plastic bags or natural fibers, for instance:

  • You can wash them and disinfect them without worrying about their resilience; as long as you wash it in cold water, your washing machine will not take its toll on it;
  • You can spray your non-woven bags with disinfectants and anti-bacterial substances for enhanced safety, especially during these times of global health concerns;
  • Both woven and non-woven polypropylene comes from recycled materials (plastic), so it is easy to understand why non-woven shopping bags come with high levels of sustainability. They are products of recycling and make products of recycling in their turn.

Before we move on to the next reason why non-woven bags are the sustainable answer to plastic bags, we have to say that no plastic whatsoever is biodegradable or ecologically friendly.

Another reason why the non-woven fabric is more sustainable than other plastic varieties is the waste-management part of its lifecycle. Since it is reusable, recyclable, and less toxic than other materials, polypropylene and non-woven fabric lower the burden of waste management.

As an intermediary conclusion, non-woven bags and other items (we will discuss in the next moments) are not perfect from an ecological standpoint. Their fabrication process includes the use of both renewable and non-renewable resources. In terms of waste management, the world needs to be more conscious about recycling, even the everyday non-woven worn-out grocery shopping bag, etc. However, there is a reason why the non-woven fabric is among the most popular alternative materials out there when it comes to eco-friendly fashion.

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