Four Popular Types of Shopping Bags

Four Popular Types of Shopping Bags

23 Nov, 2022

Nowadays, you will find more and more people carrying bags to go out while walking on the street. Some people carry shopping bags to go shopping, some carry tote bags to work, others carry canvas bags to exercise, and so on. There are countless types of bags, so what kind of bags are popular this year has become a topic that people want to know most. In my opinion, popular bags include tote bags, cotton bags, canvas bags, and non-woven bags this year. Let's keep reading to find out!

Tote bag

What is a tote bag? Originating in the 1980s, a tote bag is a large bag that can hold and carry many items. When a lot of items need to be carried, people usually choose a tote bag to go out. Because the top of the tote bag has a long handle, it can be hung on the shoulder when walking and reducing weight. This also means that the tote bag can carry heavy loads. Thus, the tote bag has become one of the most popular bags this year.

tote shopping bag

Tote Shopping Bag

Cotton bag

The cotton bag is also one of the popular bags this year, so you often see people with a cotton bag in your daily life. As we all know, cotton bags and canvas bags are the most common natural fiber bags. Compared with canvas bags, the cost of cotton bags is lower, so it has become the choice of more manufacturers. Cotton bag manufacturers usually print their own logos on cotton bags to promote and increase exposure. In addition, the cotton bag is easy to clean, just wash it like clothes, and then dry it. And it is very durable. Besides, it’s better for carrying light items like clothes than other bags because of its smoother fabric.

cotton bag

Cotton Bag

Canvas bag

Many people think that cotton bags and canvas bags are the same because they are similar.However, there are differences between them. They are similar in that they are both natural fiber bags and both are easy to clean. Canvas bags are made of thicker materials, and cotton bags are made of thinner materials. So the cost of canvas bags will be a little higher than that of cotton bags. In any case, this does not affect the popularity of canvas bags.

canvas bag

Canvas Bag

Non-woven bag

The non-woven bag has gradually become one of the most popular bags. Why are non-woven bags more and more popular? I believe this article can clearly tell you what is a non-woven bag and how to make it. Non-woven bags are becoming more and more popular mainly because of their low price and strong recyclability. In this era of gradually replacing plastic bags with environmentally friendly bags, they will undoubtedly become a popular type.

non woven shopping bag

Non-woven Shopping Bag



Generally speaking, the times are constantly changing, and the types of bags are also constantly updating and changing. Therefore, in addition to the above four popular bags, there are many other types that are also loved by people. In any case, the most important thing is what suits you. So we have to choose the most suitable bag for travel according to our needs. By the way, if you want to choose a suitable bag for yourself, come to communicate with Neway company.

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