How to Clean A Canvas Bag?

How to Clean A Canvas Bag?

23 Nov, 2022

In today's society, more and more bags are made of canvas, such as canvas shopping bags for going out, canvas cosmetic bags for storing cosmetics, beach canvas bags for going to the beach, etc. Due to the variety of shapes and sizes of canvas bags, People can also paint, embroider, etc. Canvas bags are rapidly becoming the main product of fashion trends. However, whether it is a canvas bag or other bags, there will always be times when they get dirty. So, how to effectively clean the canvas bag? 

What is a canvas bag?

A canvas bag is an environmentally friendly bag made of canvas. The material of the canvas bag is made of thicker cotton fabric or hemp fabric or blended with a certain proportion of polyester. It is woven with more than two warp and weft yarns and looks thicker than ordinary cotton yarns.

canvas tote bag  

Canvas Tote Bag

Six steps to clean a canvas bag

There are 6 steps in cleaning canvas bags, which are inspection, simple removal of surface substances, selection of appropriate cleaning brushes, removal of stains, rinsing of stains, and drying. Specifically, how to operate it, let’s take a look at the following article.

canvas shopper bag

Canvas Shopper Bag

Step 1 Check

When cleaning canvas bags, the first thing to do is to check. We need to check whether the painted things can be cleaned because many people will paint and embroider canvas bags and so on. And then check whether the water temperature is appropriate. By the way, don’t forget to check whether there are any items left in the canvas bag. The next step of cleaning can only be started after the inspection is confirmed.

Step 2 Simple removal of surface matter

After the inspection, remove the visible and removable substances on the surface of the canvas bag, such as paper scraps and so on. Secondly, prepare a dry soft brush like an old toothbrush, to clean off the dirt on the surface of the canvas bag.

Step 3 Choose the right cleaner

If your canvas bag is very dirty, we need to take a strong cleaning to remove the stains. Not all stains can be wiped off with water and a soft cloth, so we need to resort to some cleaners or other stain removal products.

By the way, to choose the correct decontamination product, we can apply a small amount of decontamination product on the bag first to ensure that the product will not cause canvas discoloration and burns before using it.It is best to use some cleaning solutions that can be mixed with water. Shower gel and dish soap are your good choices.

Finally, mix the water and cleaner with a brush until air bubbles start to form, and you can start to apply it to the stain to remove it.

Step 4 Remove stains

Dip a dry brush into the mixed cleaning solvent and move the brush in a circular motion over the area to be cleaned to completely remove the stain. Do the same for stains in other areas. Another way is to completely soak the canvas bag in cleaning solvent for cleaning. It should be noted that there is leather or metal hardware in the canvas bag that needs to be kept dry or quickly dried to avoid damage.

Step 5 Rinse the stain

If you're spot removing the stain, rinse the bag under a small stream of water from the tap where it needs to be scrubbed. Make sure not to rinse to dry areas that don't need to be rinsed. If everything needs to be cleaned, just rinse it with clean water.

Step 6 Drying

Finally, we use a white towel to dry the surface moisture, then hang it on a hanger, and wait for it to dry naturally.


The above are the 6 steps to clean the canvas bag, browse and read carefully, it can help you clean the canvas bag effectively. In addition, after the canvas bag is air-dried, please store it properly to avoid irregular folding and storage. By the way, if you want to buy a good-looking and cheap canvas bag, Neway is a good choice for you!

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