What is A Polyester Bag

What is A Polyester Bag

09 Jan, 2023

In simple terms, polyester bags are made of fabric. Fabrics are a class of polymers that contain ester functional groups in their backbone. The most common is a type called polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Because of the material they are made from, they are wrinkle-free and fold very small.

Is Polyester A Good Material For Bags?

Of course. Polyester has thinner threads, so it can be woven with a higher thread count without adding thickness to the fabric, which partially compensates for the lower strength-to-weight ratio.

Its biggest feature is wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, so it has become an ideal material for all kinds of bags. Polyester bags have less pilling than bags made of other materials. Pilling can cause the bag to fray at its edges, reducing the seam strength where the fabric joins. This is important because in most backpacks the seams will tear before the fabric.

In addition, polyester is more receptive to colored dyes than other materials. Polyester retains color better than other materials and is less prone to fading when exposed to the sun's UV rays. If you want a bag that is brightly colored or patterned, polyester is the way to go. At the same time, it is also a very popular material, not only used to make bags but also widely used in various fields.

polyester shopping bag

Polyester Shopping Bag

How Do You Wash Reusable Polyester Bags?

The polyester bag will maintain its sleek look for a long time and will easily remove any superficial wrinkles from daily movement. With proper consideration and maintenance, it can last 5 to 15 years without corrosion. Therefore effective cleaning is very important. Here are a few steps for cleaning a polyester bag.

Step 1 Check the bag

Before cleaning a polyester bag, be sure to check all pockets of the bag thoroughly. Empty the contents of the backpack to ensure that nothing is left in it to avoid being washed and damaged. This is the first and most important step in cleaning.

Step 2 Remove surface dirt

In order to facilitate cleaning, we can gently pat the bag to remove the dust on its surface. At the same time, you can also tap the polyester bag with a stick to remove the dirt on the surface. Removing excess dirt will make the washing process more efficient. Also, you can use this time to snip off any loose threads hanging from your bag to keep your bag looking neat and tidy overall.

Step 3 Check the Care Label

Possibly the most critical step is to carefully review care labels. Care labels will have specific cleaning instructions for bags of different materials. The care label will give you bleaching, ironing, and washing instructions for your bag. It will also tell you if your polyester bag can be machine washed. Some bags often are hand washed only. Following these instructions for clearing your polyester bag will extend the life of your bag.

polyester zipper bag

Polyester Zipper Bag

Step 4 Focuses on cleaning strong stains

In the face of strong stains, we need to clean them separately. Use the cleaner and a soft brush on key areas, we can even leave the cleaner on the polyester bag for a while to make stains easier to remove.

Step 5 Clean the backpack

After treating the stains of the polyester bag , we can clean it by washing machine or hand washing. If you are cleaning with a washing machine, it is best to choose mild and high-quality detergent and warm water for cleaning. If you choose to wash your drawstring bag by hand, you only need to fill a bucket with water and add a small amount of detergent. Soak the bag in it for a while, then rinse and let it air dry.

Step 6 Air dry

Polyester is an easy-to-wash and dry material that doesn't wrinkle easily. We just need to hang it up and wait for it to dry naturally. When you are in a hurry to go out, you can also choose quick drying. Since polyester doesn't respond well to high temperatures, remember to keep it at a low temperature when drying quickly.

polyester drawstring bag

Polyester Drawstring Bag


Compared to other materials, polyester is an excellent material for frequently used bags. It is a lightweight fabric that dries quickly and is also easy to clean. We only need to clean it through the 6 simple steps mentioned in the article.

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