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What’s Advantages of cotton bags?

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Smart and roomy cotton bottle bags are a fantastic alternative to their paper or plastic counterparts. They work great as an advertising bag for a winery, liquor shops, organic produce shops, or as an ecological packaging.

Cotton pouch NW-CP006

Cotton cloth is also known as duck, wigan, osnaburg, jaconet, drill or muslin, depending on weight, weave construction and fabric finish. The use of fabrics made from cotton dates back to 306 BC. Neway Ecobag. hasn’t been making cotton bags quite that long, but we’ve made them long enough to appreciate the fine quality and durability of our cotton bags.

Cotton is also a natural and “eco-friendly” renewable and sustainable fiber. And, as with burlap, Neway Ecobag can assist you with bag design and manufacture a plain or printed cotton bag for your specific needs.

Below are some of the applications for our cotton bags.

  • Banking/coin money bags
  • Soil sample bags
  • Drawstring parts bags
  • Premium grass seed bags
  • Retail shopping bags
  • Military specification cotton sandbags
  • Specialty coffee bags
  • Novelty gift bags
  • Specialty nut bags
  • Cured ham bags
  • Custom milling bags
  • Flour bags
  • Fundraising bag

1. Heat resistance:

Basically, the pure cotton fabric we use is excellent in heat resistance. It will cause moisture to evaporate on the fabric when the temperature is below 110°C, and it will not damage the fiber at the same time.

2. Cleaning:

Basically, this raw cotton fiber is a natural fiber. For many times, its main component is cellulose, and of course, there are a few waxy substances, nitrogenous substances, and pectin, and the cleanliness contrast is good.

3. Hygroscopicity:

The eco-friendly bag made of cotton material has excellent moisture absorption, and many times, this fiber can absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere. Of course, its moisture content is 8-10%, so it touches human skin, Makes people feel soft but not stiff.

4. Moisturizing:

It can be because cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, plus its extremely low thermal conductivity, and the cotton fiber itself has porosity and high elasticity. Therefore, many times, a lot of air can accumulate between such fibers. Basically, the air is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, so pure cotton fiber textiles have outstanding moisture retention.

Neway Ecobag have started the production of ecological cotton bags in the late 90’s, and were the first company in China to do so. For more than two decades we were always guided by the idea of creating ecological cotton tote bags that combine functionality, comfort, high quality workmanship as well as sustainability. All of our products are made in China, and we use 100% natural and dyed cotton, which makes them not only ecological, but also extremely durable. Not mentioning they wash very well and are perfect for everyday use.

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