Woven VS Non Woven Bags: What are the Differences?

Woven VS Non Woven Bags: What are the Differences?

04 Nov, 2022

As one of the popular shopping bag manufacturers, Neway always gets asked by clients what's the differences between woven and non woven bags. Although the woven and non woven bags both are made from recycled plastic and look similar, they are different. In this post, the author would explain the differences between them.

Woven VS Non-Woven Bags: Difference in Manufacturing Method

The manufacturing method is the umost difference between woven and non woven bags. The woven bag is made of woven fabric. Then the woven fabric is a strong and sturdy material that individual threads woven together to form. By contrast, the non woven shopping bag is made of bonded fibers. In detail, nonwoven means the fabrics material is bonded together by the use of heat, adhesive, or ultrasonic waves. Therefore, the non woven shopper bag is less sturdy than woven bags.


Woven VS Non-Woven Bags: Differences in Benfits

Because of the different materials and structures, they also provide the users with various benefits during the actual application. In this section, the author would list their benefits.

The Benefits of Woven Bags

●First, due to the woven manufacturing method, the woven bags are strong and wear resistant which means they can be reused multiple times.

●Second, woven fabrics can be cleaned in a washing machine, making woven bags low-maintenance and easy to care for.

●Third, the woven bags can be designed in either a laminated or matte finish. Therefore, the woven bags can be customized into a versatile appearance to fit any style of your look.


non woven carrier bag

Non Woven Carrier Bag

Benefits of Non Woven Carrier Bag

●First, the non woven fabric is a practical fabric that is strong and lightweight, so the non woven carrier bag is easy to transport and carry.

●Second, the non woven bag carrier bag is eco-friendly.  The non woven fabrics are 100% recyclable and bio-degradable, so they would produce no toxic contaminants during the producing process. Furthermore, the non-woven fabric requires no PVC coating or water in the manufacturing process.

●Third, the non-woven bag is affordability. Due to the high efficiency of manufacturing, the non woven bags can be produced at a shorter time and inexpensive price. In general, the cost of a batch of non woven reusable bags is lower than the cost of a batch of woven bags.

non woven shopping bag

Non Woven Shopping Bag

●Forth, the non woven carrier bag is more versatile than their woven bag counterparts. The non woven carrier bag has a broader range of applications and provides wider options for printing and customization options.

●Fifth, custom printed non woven bag is a good way to the advertisement. Because of the wide option for printing and customization options in the non woven carrier bag, you could print your brand on the bag and as the promotional bag. The non woven promotional bag could be the best advertising method as the users carry the bag everywhere and let more people learn about your brand.

Woven VS Non-Woven Bags: Differences on Disadvantages

Since they have different benefits, they also are different in the cons. Due to the different manufacturing processes, the non woven shopping bag is less durable than the woven bags and can be washed. Then, the woven bags are not water resistant.

non woven reusable bags

Non Woven Reusable Bags


After reading this post, I hope you may have a clear understanding of the difference between woven and non-woven bags. Neway is a professional non woven fabric bags manufacturer, wholesale a wide range of pp woven laminated bag, non woven gift bag, non woven envelope bag, non woven shoe bag, etc.

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