2 Methods to Clean Canvas Tote Bag

2 Methods to Clean Canvas Tote Bag

22 Sep, 2022

The canvas tote bags are a functional fashion item. They can be valuable accessories that are customizable. They can be functional carrier bags for casual outings, workdays, shopping trips, days in the park, or nights on the town.

As a matter of fact, most of canvas tote bags bear quite an abrasion in their frequent daily use. It is important to know how to properly clean a canvas tot bag.

Before Washing the Canvas Tote Bag

Empty the canvas tote bag of all Items. It is a very important step to ensure the cleaning result of the bag. You need to remove pens and chapstick. If you happen to clean the bag without the removal of the pens, your bag would accidentally get dirty again. And, once the giant blotches of dried wax and ink set in, there is no method to get them out. To ensure the bag is whole empty, you could pull the bag inside out completely so you can see the lining.


●Check the washing label. If your bags have painting, embroidery, prints, or others, you need to be more aware of the cleaning requirement. It is because some of them may get melt under the heated water.


●Do the Color Fading Test. If you have a non-white canvas bag, it is a good idea to check the retention of the dye before washing it off with other items. This action is used to find whether there is color fading. And you also need to do the color fading test in your canvas tote bag.

Color Fading Test: Dip the bag in cold water and screw it onto a white surface. If the dye drips, you just only clean the bag.


●Stain Removal. You need to look over your canvas bag for any stains. Although, most stains would get disappear after the washing process. However, some stubborn stains may become harder to remove, and putting your canvas tote bag in a spin cycle could backfire.


After finishing the preparation job, two methods are recommended in this post. In the following section, the author would clearly teach you how to clean the canvas shopping bag.


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How to Manual Wash Canvas Tote Bag?

Although canvas tote bags are durable, watercolor canvas tote bags, canvas shopping bags with leather trim, or canvas bags with decorative and other types of sensitive prints may easily tend to be out of shape. Therefore, they require manual hand washing.

Then, you need to follow these blew steps to clean your canvas tote bags:

●Step 1: you need to submerge a soft-textured white cloth in warm water. The cloth must be white. If it is not, you may run the risk of dye spilling onto the canvas bag.


●Step 2: Wring out the white cloth to expel excess water.


●Step 3: firmly but carefully wipe down the fabric of the canvas tote bag, and don’t need to touch the sensitive adornments.

Tips: If you find the whole canvas tote bag and its designs pass the color fading test and can safely encounter warm water,  you could submerge the entire canvas bag in water before Step 3.


●Step 4: add a few drops of mild cleaner to a bowl of water. If you don't have laundry detergent, you can choose body wash or dish soap. Make sure the cleaner you choose is not too irritating to the fabric.

Tip: you need to mix 1 cup of water with ½ teaspoon of soap or mild detergent.


●Step 5: Dip the cloth into the bowl and use it to scrub the badly stained area in the canvas tote bag.

Tip: If you can not remove the blemishes in this step, you can add a drop of bleach into your cleaning mixture. Be very careful about this, as bleach can cause the fabric to yellow. You also could use an old tooth brush and a mixture of toothpaste and baking soda for harder stain removal.


●Step 6: Rinse the canvas tote bag by doing one last wipe-down with the warm towel.

Tip: In the scrubbing process, you should use consistent circular motions, which is a good method to remove stains and ensure the spot doesn't spread on your canvas tote bag's fabric.

After Manual Washing: Rinsing

After the manual washing process of the canvas bag, you need to rinse it with another white towel or cloth soaked in cold water. You also can rinse it in a basin of clean cold water. After that, gently wring out any excess water. This procedure is to ensure the canvas tote bag gets a proper rinse because the stranded liquid detergent and other cleaning agents’ particles can damage the fabric.

How to Use Machine Wash Canvas Tote Bag?

The beige canvas tote bag and the canvas tote bag in white or plain colors can be washed with washing machines. And, according to the technique used to print them, they are okay to be washed in normal washing machines using cold water.

If your bags are not custom printed canvas bags with special fabric or design, you can clean them with the washing machine. And, you also need to be aware of the following rules.

● Set the temperature accordingly to the requirement of the label tag.


● Decorated, painted, or custom printed canvas bags fare better in cold temperatures and at lower centrifuge speeds. It is because the canvas shopping bag is easy to shrink in hot water conditions.


● You had better wash the canvas carrier bag separately, or with other canvas items.


● After finishing the bags, you need to take the canvas bag out of the machine immediately, in case of mold and bacteria from growing.


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After cleaning the canvas tote bag, it is necessary to ensure the drying stage of the cleaning and maintenance cycle. In the drying procedure, you can put the bag on a clothesline to air dry it, because the washing machine may lead to the shrinkage of the canvas tote bag.

In this dry processing, the dry is not the ideal option to dry your canvas tote bag. It is because the intense heat in each dry cycle is likely to cause shrinkage and irreversibly damage to the fabric. Then, all your effort becomes useless. Furthermore, the fabric or sensitive designs may warp, and the custom canvas bags with logo could be out of shape, and even lost their functions.

Storage and Preservation

After drying, we also need to keep them as clean as possible and as safe as possible when they are not in use. In this section, the author would give some storage and maintenance tips to help you well store the canvas tote bag.

1. After getting the complete drying in the fresh air, the canvas tote bag needs to be stored flat or upright to keep its shape.

2. If the canvas tote bags have specific shapes, you need to stuff them with tissue paper when they are not in use, so they could keep their shape up. As for the laminated canvas tote bag, you also need to fill the small pocket with tissue paper.

3. Do not store your cherished canvas tote bag in plastic bags, as the plastic materials encourage mold and mildew growth.


laminated canvas tote bag

Laminated Canvas Tote Bag


A canvas tote bag is a good combination between durability and aesthetics. With its eclectic styling options and excellent durability, it classic trend in the fashional world. Use this post to help you clean your beloved canvas shopper bag and keep your bags in shape.

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