Rpet Laminated Bag

RPET is short for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, also called Recycled PET.It comes from the plastic that had been used, such as water bottle, soda bottle.Bag made of RPET is strong and durable, it meets the standard for eco-friendly bag, using RPET bag will demonstrate your effort to protect environment

R-PET Bags are bags composed of old plastic bottles. Recycle bottles can do everything!
The RPET bags are the softer, more flexible recycling bags from the family of polypropylene bags.

R in RPET stands for Recycling. PET for the plastic gained from the collected PET bottles. Recycling as a starting material makes permanent bags cool.

The PET bottles are first recovered to granules, then recycled into textile webs.

For your PET bags, a tear-resistant foil is printed with your desired advertisment in the size, shape and color you want. After printing, we laminate this ultra-thin film on the RPET textile web.

The processing to RPET carrier bags happens after printing still classic with cut and sewing machines. In addition to the respect for the environment, this gives many people wages, bread and a perspective.

Not only companies that want to accentuate their eco-image, let this sort of recycling bags print with us. Sometimes it is not difficult to do good in everyday life and to meet the spirit of the times. Join in.

They create what helps in the market: the strong demand for environmentally friendly products. We make useful things useful again together.