Recycled Non Woven Bag

Non-woven bags are made out of non-woven polypropylene sheets. These sheets are made by bonding polypropylene fibers together via chemical, thermal or mechanical operation. The bonded fibers make the most convenient fabric yet experienced in the realms of shopping and home use. The reasons why most retailers offer non-woven bags for their customers are many, and the ecological concerns are also factored.
Non-woven bags are very practical because of their light, strong, durable and inexpensive nature. They also reduce the resources wasted in shipping because of their lightweight nature and space efficiency. These bags are soft, flexible and comfortable to carry, and that is also why they are used to make medical equipment used in surgical wards. They make suitable replacements for the weak and easily torn plastic paper gowns. Due to their porosity, they also make good storage for fresh fruits and vegetables.

They are also great because they can reduce the plastic waste products carelessly disposed of in seas, rivers and man-made drainages. Most manufacturers in the non-woven bags business recycle the waste plastic already harming the environment and produce good and durable bags from such waste. They make suitable replacements for the eco-disastrous paper bags that couldn’t serve shopping needs for long without reaping, tearing or deforming.