Non Woven Reusable Bags

Recycled non woven bags use eco-friendly non woven material.This is our hot sale products.Our factory has more than 10 years experience of producing, developing and selling.At present, our products are wildly exported to Europe,Asia and South America.

Non-woven bags actually a way of life to promote reuse, reduce solid waste generation and improve the growing pollution. So bags are our main products, commonly have non-woven bag, nylon bag, bag embryo, canvas bag, non-woven laminated bags. Why non-woven bag is popular? Just because it is low cost, color, colorful, and multi-style changes, for instance, Drawstring bags, equivalent bag, vest bag, punching hand bags, zipper bags and so on.

Most people think that using non-woven bags on behalf of environmental protection, in addition to its nature over time can be decomposed, the bags also bear the meaning of repeated use, so the quality is very important. We has more than twenty years experience in manufacturing bags , strict quality control, advanced and mature printing technology, such as heat transfer, offset printing, silk screen, etching printed and blanching. So that we produce bags to good publicity effect, and the attractive and durable, we produce bags exports to all over the world. Quality reach the safety standards of Europe and the United States, is the selection of customer confidence.

Features and advantages of non-woven bags

Non-woven bags (also known as non-woven bags, English: Nonwoven bags) is a green product, tough and durable, beautiful in appearance, good air permeability, reusable, washable, silk-screen advertising, marking, long service life, suitable Any company, any industry as advertising.

For gifts. Consumers get a beautiful non-woven fabric while shopping bags and businesses have the best of both worlds because of invisible advertising, so non-woven fabrics are becoming more and more popular in the market.

The main material of non-woven bags is non-woven fabrics. Advantages of non-woven bags: low price and good quality, environmental protection and practicality, wide application, prominent advertising position. It is suitable for all kinds of business activities and exhibitions and fairs. It is an ideal advertising promotion gift for enterprises and institutions.

What is non-woven fabric?

Non-woven fabric is a product that does not require a weaving process and is made into a non-cloth-like product, also called non-woven fabric. Because it only needs to orient or randomly support the textile short fibers or filaments to form a fiber network structure, and then use mechanical, thermal bonding, or chemical methods to reinforce it. Most non-woven bags are made of spun-bonded non-woven fabrics.

Tote Bag Manufacturer
  • Use For: Drawstring design make these cotton bags easier to fasten so avoid objects lost.You can use it to carry your purse, bag, car, cosmetic bag, make them convenient to carry when you go out or ramble or travel.
  • Multi Use: Great for packaging jewelry, charms, sachets, crafts, soap, candles, wedding favors and other small things. Also can be use with Spices Herbs、sachets、Coffee beans and Tea.