Non Woven Reusable Bag

Reusable shopping bags,Stand out from competitors, cater to customer convenience and promote your retail store with reusable shopping bags! Order reusable bags wholesale for a cost-effective, high-quality marketing tool that consistently reminds customers about your business. Premium, non-woven reusable grocery bags are eco-friendly options that lend style to the shopping experience: Imprint your custom logo and spruce up your reusable bags with custom tags or solid tissue paper to add flair and branding to the checkout process!

Reusable grocery and shopping bag features and considerations

Enhance brand recognition with a custom logo imprint on reusable shopping bags in your choice of color — blue, red, green, brown, black, white, orange, yellow, purple, pink and silver. Opt for a matte or metallic finish that’s sure to turn heads! Perfect for transporting food and gourmet boxes with food grade tissue paper, reusable grocery bags include easy-carry handles and are available in multiple shapes and sizes ranging from 3” wide to 12” wide and over.

Why choose wholesale reusable shopping bags?

Reusable shopping bags are an eco-friendly alternative to paper bags, so they make excellent retail shopping bags your customers can use time and again. And, with your logo imprint, custom shopping bags ensure everyone knows where their friends and family members prefer to shop — they’ll advertise your business everywhere they go! Use these shopping bags for point-of-sale checkout, as grocery bags in your deli or carryout, or as promotional giveaways at trade shows, conferences and other events — they make great totes for clothing and supplies, too. Toss in a gift card to motivate future purchases and ensure customers keep coming back. Best of all, you can save money when you buy reusable shopping bags wholesale!

What is a PP non-woven reusable bag?

A non-woven PP reusable bag is a shopping bag made from a non-woven polypropylene textile. This textile is created by spinning polypropylene into threads that are then bonded together using heat.

This creates a durable textile that’s similar to canvas. It’s inexpensive, lightweight, and provides a common alternative to the single-use plastic bag. In fact, many retailers offer non-woven PP bags to their customers at little or no cost, like they would a single-use plastic bag.

You can even find laminated non-woven PP reusable bags which are water resistant and slightly more durable than the non-laminated options.

Although non-woven PP bags are made from plastic, studies show that non-woven PP bags are still a more environmentally-friendly alternative to single-use options as long as the bags are used multiple times.

What is a PP woven reusable bag?

A woven polypropylene reusable bag is a shopping bag made from an interwoven polypropylene textile. It’s created by weaving strips of polypropylene textile to create a durable material. Many woven PP shopping bags are also waterproof and leak resistant.

Like non-woven PP reusable bags, woven PP bags are inexpensive, light, and a more eco-friendly option than single-use options as long as they are used multiple times.

They are more durable than non-woven PP bags, which means that they can be used longer, and they can carry up to 40 pounds, m

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