Custom Shopping Bags UK

Our personalized reusable shopping bags are perfect for any occasion, be it personal or work-related. They are presented as a powerful marketing tool that will help you to attract new customers and increase the sales of your business.

On the other hand, our cheap personalized retail bags are also perfect for your social and personal events. No ideas when or what to use them for? Don’t worry! Let us at Chameleon give you some inspiration.

Eco-friendly shopping bags as a marketing tool

Personalized products have always been known as a powerful marketing tool that builds loyalty, attracts customers and increases sales. It presents a considerable return on investment since the investment is minimal in relation to the results it offers.

You can use reusable grocery bags as a giveaway gift for your customers and let everyone see your logo wherever they take them. In addition, thanks to the fact that our personalized shopping bags have a large printing area, you can add relevant information such as the address of your website, your e-mail or even your social networks’ icons. This way you ensure that all the information regarding your company will be visible to all those who see your personalized reusable shopping bags wherever they go.

Also, don’t be exclusive when thinking of customers as the only people who can promote you by carrying your personalized foldable bags – your employees can be a tremendously effective vessel for this as well! Giving your employees with a gift of this type not only makes them feel valued and appreciated as a member of the team in your company , but also, every time they carry your personalized shopping bag, everyone around them will see your business logo, as well as other relevant information you choose to personalize the bag with.

When you make personalized gifts for your employees, they feel not only grateful, but also appreciated. This will motivate them to give 100% to their work every day, which will only bring benefits to your business. There are many companies that decide to give away a Welcome Pack to their new employees in which they include different personalized products such as pens, t-shirts or key chains. And the ecological personalized retail bags are a great option for this too. Imagine the astonished faces of your employees when they receive such a special gift! If you want to personalize it even more, you can include each employee’s name on their own bag. Whatever ideas you have – we make them come true .

Custom shopping bags for your events

There are many personal events for which you can use personalized grocery bags, with printed details that will be visible to all around you! Some occasions on which you can use the custom shopping bags are weddings, communions, baptisms, graduation parties, anniversary parties, baby showers… Just imagine the look on the recipient’s face when you gift them a beautifully personalized photo shopping bags, perhaps with a photo of their grandson! Who doesn’t appreciate something so practical that also takes care of your pocket and the planet?

There are many designs that can be printed on our personalized retail bags, such as a token of appreciation and gratefulness for attending the event. Perhaps you can add the name of the honorees and the date of the party, a funny photo or caricature… Your imagination will be set the limits!

Personalize your reusable shopping bags

One of the advantages of all the personalized products that we carry at Camaloon is that you can fully personalize each and every one of them, down to the smallest detail! For example, you can choose the measurements, the colour, the font of the text that you are going to include or the frame in which you would like the text to be printed.

You can also choose if you would like the drawing in color or black and white… There are so many options that it is often difficult to decide on just one! Thankfully, we even make that easy because more bags you buy, less you spend thanks to our bulk-order discount. So why settle for just one personalization when you can have several?

In addition, personalizing your reusable shopping bags is much easier than you imagine thanks to the fact that we have a very precise and intuitive personalization tool that will create a perfect design without errors and withing just a few clicks! And you can always get a preview before placing your order, to make sure that your personalised product looks exactly as you’ve envisioned it.

And also, so that you can be even more reassured that everything will be as you expect, we at Camaloon carry out an extra quality control to additionally make sure that everything is as you have asked us! We look at the resolution of your design or images, the size of the logo, choice of materials and colors, we look at all the details and if anything is off even a little bit – we’ll contact you. This way, both you and us can be satisfied, knowing that we produced the highest quality personalized bags and that the personalised grocery bags you receive at home are just perfect! Because for us, you come first.

Our experience and the fact that we are the manufacturers, are just some of the reasons why you should choose us to create your personalised shopping bags. As we are manufacturers of all our personalised products, we can create any product that you need.

This way, we ensure that you will never run out of the product you want as there is no middleman, just you the client and us the manufacturer. In order to help you save a few pounds, we have created a company policy where the more you order, the less you pay. Trust us and enjoy unique, original and fun personalised shopping bags!

With our personalized reusable shopping bags you can do your bit for taking care of the environment while keeping an eye on your pocket, and staying chic while you’re at it! Personalized reusable bags are respectful of the planet and help us save a lot of money by not having to pay for the annoying plastic or paper bags in supermarkets and stores. You can personalize them to your or your recipient’s exact taste and make it a perfect gift for any occasion, including your company promotion, since our shopping bags can be personalized with your company logo or any other information you’d like to make known!

non woven shopping bags NW-N022

Your stunning custom shopping bags are the perfect accessory for heading to the supermarket, the office or just a day out. Your design is printed onto the smooth and robust canvas fabric, which is teamed with glossy vinyl to create the body of your bag. Our custom shopping bags are finished off with long, real leather handles, which hang comfortably and sturdily off of your shoulder. Available in black with black trim, or natural trim with the choice of one of the other four trim colors available, design your own shopping bag and your new bag will have your style all over it!

  • Long handles made from leather
  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 13cm
  • Strong, practical and stylish
  • Handmade in London with no minimum orders
  • Sign up for great wholesale pricing
  • Available for Dropshipping and Wholesale

Step into the supermarket in style with custom shopping bags, printing your photos on one side or both. Practical and strong, this is a reusable photo shopping bag with a quirky difference. Made from Italian patent vinyl trim and supple canvas, design your own shopping bag to create a sophisticated but fun way to take your groceries home.

What Will My Custom Shopping Bags Printing Actually Look Like?

Because The Handles Are Sewn In-Between The Vinyl And Canvas, You Have A Large Square Area To Print Your Chosen Photos Onto Without Having To Compensate For Handle Straps Or Eyelet Holes Getting In The Way. Your Design Your Own Shopping Bag Doesn’t Have A Zip Or Metal Poppers So You Have The Most Flexibility When Shopping – Think Of French Stick Baguettes Peeping Out Of The Top! At An Extra Cost, You Can Enhance Your Shopping Bag With Logo By Adding Photos On The Reverse Too.