Biodegradable Pla Shopping Bag

What is PLA? PLA is made of corn, cassava, and other crops by microbial fermentation, extraction of lactic acid, and then refined, dehydrated oligomeric, high temperature cracking, and polymerization. PLA is a compostable bioplastic derived from plant sugars. PLA stands for polylactic acid. PLA can be 100% biodegraded within one year and become co2 and water. It is an eco-friendly material without pollution to the environment.
Unlike traditional plastic bags, biodegradable pla shopping bags are made of PLA, environmentally friendly without polyethylene, and different from other cornstarch bags that can decompose in a few years. With increasing bans on plastic bag use, biodegradable PLA shopping bags are a great alternative. These compostable, biodegradable shopping bags are a great way to eliminate plastic pollution and dispose of them knowing they will break down.

Tote Bag Manufacturer
  • ECO CONSCIOUS BIODEGRADABLE PLASTIC BAGS – Better than the environment than ordinary plastic bags and can be reused or recycled.
  • STURDY RECYCLABLE BAGS PERFECT FOR SHOPPING OR BUSINESS USE – With increasing bans on plastic bag use our bags are a great alternative and great for customers too.
  • BIODEGRADABLE SHOPPING BAGS ARE GREAT FOR KITTY LITTER – These bags are a great way to get rid of pet waste and can dispose of them knowing they will break down.
  • 50% OF BAG BREAKS DOWN IN 900 DAYS – Biodegradable grocery bags have been tested using the ASTM D5511 biodegradation test method and helps to reduce landfill volume.
Tote Bag Manufacturer
  • These bags fold easily and quickly into small mini pouch, you will love how easy it is to carry them in a purse, bag or pocket. Great to use as daily shopping bags for grocery, shoulder bag or reusable shopping bags.
  • These bags are the best eco-friendly alternative to end non-biodegradable plastic and synthetics from our day to day activities. Reduce your carbon footprint and plastic usage with earthy fab reusable bag.