Cotton bags

As retailers and consumers are becoming more environmentally conscience, our range of printed cotton shopper bag are 100% plastic free bags and bin liners help us all to tread more lightly on the earth by reducing the amount of plastic that we use day to day.

This little 100% cotton canvas makeup bag can be used for any number of purposes. It's the perfect size for a makeup bag, pens and pencils, your wallet and phone, or your tea cup poodle! You decide how it is used, and more importantly how it's designed and decorated. They are sewn with poly thread for durability, but the fabric takes dye like a champ as well as markers, paints and more. Make them your own!

Buyer’s Guide to Cotton Bags

After looking at a list of bags, you would’ve wondered which bag would be ideal for you.

After all, you don’t want to invest in a bag that isn’t the right one for you.

And with various brands widely available, it can get confusing for you to pick your choice.

This is why we have crafted this guide to help you determine your ideal cotton bag.

Read through these highlighted features to learn how to purchase a cotton bag!

Purpose of the bag

Before you plan to purchase a cotton bag, you’d need to understand your needs.

You can buy it for grocery shopping or personalize it for your brand.

After you’ve figured out why you need a cotton bag, then you’re good to go!

For example, if you’re going to any event, then a blank cotton bag would be ideal for you.

Similarly, you can buy cotton pouches if your purpose in a bag is to brew coffee.


While cotton bags are the most affordable bags, you can still go for one that fits your budget.

So pick the one that has the greater value for the price you pay for it.


Unlike fancy bags, cotton bags are made with simple and minimalist designs.

So if that’s something you prefer to go with, then you should add cotton bags to your essentials.

Make sure to select a bag that has additional pockets if you’ve small items to stash.

Similarly, go for long handles in cotton totes if you have to haul heavy items.


Blank cotton bags are great for customization for any event or occasion.

You need to look at its color for highlighting your print.

You can go for a beige or white cotton bag if that’s your preference.

Or, you can also choose an assortment of colors in your cotton bags for printing your designs.

Another important factor to consider is the space required for printing in a bag.

To sum it up, choose accordingly by considering the color, space, and size of the bag for printing.

Size and Capacity (Large or small)

The most important specification in any bag is its size and how much it can hold.

Selecting a cotton bag based on its size and capacity should be considered carefully.

For example, if you have large family size shopping needs, then a large cotton bag would be ideal.


Like other bags, cotton bags are also available in bulk and packs.

Depending on your needs, you can go for a single cotton bag or a bulk cotton bag.

Are Cotton Organizer Bags Really That Important?

Well, that depends on how organized you are; or really, how organized you strive to be. If you love spending time rummaging through your bag for lip balm, hair ties, and other MIA items, go right ahead. If the constant untangling of wires, chargers, and headphones brings you joy, you do you. But if neither of those things sounds appealing, then Neway Ecobag organizer bags are a necessity.

Cotton organizer bag are made of natural fiber which makes them eco-friendly. Our Cotton Bags are made from 100% organic cotton material that is 100% Eco friendly. These cotton bags can be used for shopping and promotional purposes. It can carry up to 20-25 kg. Cotton bags are very durable so you can carry heavy weights easily. Neway manufactures all types of custom printed cotton bags from Cotton Tote bag to Mesh bag.

We are organic certified organic cotton shopping bags manufacturer in china we make size, designs, labeling, packing as per requirement of buyers. We manufacture and export organic cotton shopping bags exporter in china to europe, usa, australia, new zealand, japan etc.,